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Add your content and data sources. Integrate with your services. Build Your AI Assistant in Minutes: No Coding Required!

90 Day Free Trial in our BETA - No Credit Card Required

Add your content and data sources

Integrate with your services

Train and customise your GPT

Deploy securely and embed anywhere

A platform that doesn’t just meet your needs  it anticipates them.

Supercharged Media-Rich Conversations

Not just boring text but media rich conversations. Just like talking to real human. Embed snippets of your content, add buttons and CTAs intelligently from your products and services. Sell, collect leads, answer questions and resolve more problems.


AI Powered Workflows

Instantly integrate AI into your apps and workflows with pre-built blocks. Use any model, securely connect business data, your existing tech stack and ship bespoke AI tools to your business faster.


Ship bespoke AI tools for your business faster.

We take care of the tough parts like user accounts, chat histories, safety, and keeping data private. Our simple interface hides all the tech complexity, and our dedicated customer-obsessed team is always there to assist you.

Tailor the app to your visual style & brand

Customize the AI assistant with your colors, icons, theme, and even brand voice! Personalize the AI assistant with custom instructions, welcome message, and match your brand by adding logos and avatars.


Do less work, get more done

AI Assistants for your business

Knowledge base assistant, e-commerce customer support agent, real estate lead generation, and more - possibilities are limitless. Your AI powered app can do it all. 

Trained on Your Data

Your AI assistant is trained on your website, knowledge base and other resources, eg. PDF files or YouTube videos. It can answer any question your customers might have, 24/7.

Custom GPT Actions

Connect the AI assistant to 5000+ apps or to your API so it always has the latest data and can perform tasks on your or your customers’ behalf. Coming Soon.

Easy Integration

Add your AI powered assistant to your website with a single line of code. Or, integrate it with your tools, share with a link or add to Slack, WhatsApp or Telegram.

High Responses Accuracy

Your AI assistant is trained on your business’s knowledge base and documentation, and it has a high sensitivity to context recognition, which results in a remarkable level of accuracy in its responses.

Human speech imitation

Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Large language model (LLM) allows to mimic human speech.

Instant Access to Knowledge

Our AI search enables quick retrieval of relevant information, saving hours for your customer support agents. It can encompass not only knowledge bases but also each customer’s unique context, preferences, and history.


Convert customers in their language

The custom AI assistant can speak over 95 languages used by you and your customers. Your website is not translated and you’re losing customers? Problem solved: with ThoughtForma, your team speaks all languages.


Gain valuable insights

You can see all conversations between your customers & your AI assistant. Powerful analytics, notifications and charts help you learn what your customers ask for to improve your product, services and support

ThoughtForma is built to empower your business to achieve more.

Reduce the time and resources it takes to get work done. Teams like engineering, customer support, sales, operations, and product can save hundreds of hours every month.

Use any data sources

Train the AI assistants to answer questions about your website, files, and more.



Our AI assistants can use over 95 languages out of the box. 


Learn how your customers are interacting with your AI assistant.



Features that help you resell AI assistants as part of your business.


Go beyond just Q&A and let the assistant use any of your apps.


Built-in Auth

We handle the difficult parts for you. Store your user data securely with our built in user auth.

Assistant API

Use our powerful API and access your AI assistant from other apps.


Change name, icon, theme, position, color… make it yours.

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Works where you are

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