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Ship your idea in moments not months

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Because Waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve πŸŽ„ is for Kids

Introducing ThoughtForma

Supercharge your apps with AI


Our mission is to allow every founder to ship their idea within moments into an intelligent self-sustaining app without spending a fortune.

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Go beyond the screens.

Unlock new realms of creativity as the world is transformed into your personal canvas with our incredible AR & VR capabilites, and the only limit is the horizon of your imagination.

Build everything


Build stores, web apps, store data, manage databases, create dashboards from scratch, all in one place.

Internal Tools

Time is money. We save you both.

We'll help you find product-market-fit, improve rapidly, pivot if needed, and ship your product faster than ever before.

Focus on what matters

Our platform automatically optimizes your apps for peak performance,
so you can focus on growing your business and customers instead.

Build your idea πŸ’‘

Use our templates or go from zero to one on your idea in less than an hour.

Launch it πŸš€

Generate your copy with our GenAI features. Deploy your app. Get your first customers.

We do our magic πŸͺ„

The best SEO practices, enhancements and performance optimizations are implemented automatically on the fly.

Coming Soon

Build apps using Prompts

Imagine ChatGPT on steroids


Create a footer

Write a product description

Build an app to buy and sell plants

Create an about me page

Create a landing page for trip planner

Build a todo list app

Create an app like UberEats

How are we different?


We're the cool kids of the no-code neighbourhood.

Other Platforms
Conventional no-code
Platform lock-in

Scaling is tough and manual

Optimizing your app is a challenge

Self-built apps that you need to maintain by yourself

Intelligent no-code (iNoCodeβ„’)
Export your app's code anytime

Intelligent apps that self-scale

Automated optimizations on the fly

Your AI co-founder manages the app while you focus on the business

Connect to everything

No third-party tools like Zapier/Make needed.

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