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Take a look at our demo use cases below.

Create your own template or use pre-made templates and examples for various content types and industries to help you get started quickly. 


Sell access to your expertise with AI

Train AI on your own expertise, add your brand, and monetise your unique knowledge & distribution.

No ChatGPT Plus Subscription: Your user doesn't need an active ChatGPT Plus subscription to use your custom GPT. Sign up with email or Google. We handle the user accounts, securely.

Personalised Chat UI on your own domain: Need more than just a Chat UI? Generate cards, lists, and widgets in conversations. Establish a stronger brand by using a custom domain for your custom GPT.

Examples: Your AI Clone, Vacation Planner, Personalised Advice from your newsletter or Youtube Channel, Storefront with all your products in one place, endless possibilites


AI chatbot for your business

Knowledge base assistant, e-commerce customer support agent, real estate lead generation, and more – possibilities are limitless. The custom AI agent trained on your business data can do it all. 

Automagically answer 90% of questions: Skip the email. Make everyone happy by instantly answering most queries. Train a chatbot using your website content, knowledge base, YouTube, and upload files in various formats (eg. PDF, DOCX, TXT and more) to answer specific questions, 24/7.

Match your unique brand: Customize the chatbot with your colors, icons, theme, and even brand voice! Personalize the chatbot with custom instructions, welcome message, and match your brand by adding logos and avatars.

Actions: Not just boring text conversations, your chatbot can respond with rich media, buttons and CTAs, intelligently based on the context.


Ship AI-powered search for all of your business data with a managed vector store

Make LLMs aware of relevant data: ThoughtForma Vectors make it simple to store and index business data into vector embeddings for AI retrieval.

Build contextual AI bots in minutes: Upload content from any website, document, or SaaS tool. Run workflows to ingest text from other sources.

Help teams solve complex problems: the best AI bots are custom-built for your business. Manage the embedding pipeline and business logic.

ThoughtForma is built to empower your business to achieve more.

Reduce the time and resources it takes to get work done. Teams like engineering, customer support, sales, operations, and product can save hundreds of hours every month.

Use any data sources

Train the chatbot to answer questions about your website, files, and more.



Our chatbots can use over 95 languages out of the box. 


Learn how your customers are interacting with your chatbot.



Features that help you resell chatbots as part of your business.


Go beyond just Q&A and let the chatbot use any of your apps.


Built-in Auth

We handle the difficult parts for you. Store your user data securely with our built in user auth.

Chatbot API

Use our powerful API and access your chatbot from other apps.


Change name, icon, theme, position, color… make it yours.

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Connect with ease

Seamlessly plugs into your existing stack

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